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Every Child Shines Like a Diamond

Our Mission

To Allow Every Child To

Shine Like a Diamond

At Sofia Pereira Hypnotherapy, we believe every child is a diamond, unique and brilliant in their own right. Sometimes, the pressures and challenges of the world can dull their shine.

If your child is refusing to attend school, it might be a sign that they’re facing obstacles they feel they can’t overcome alone. Sofia specializes in Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) for children and families, offering a compassionate, effective approach to help them rediscover their brilliance and keep shining.

We understand the challenges and stresses that come with a child’s reluctance to attend school. School refusal can feel overwhelming, not just for your child, but for the entire family. Here, we specialize in supporting parents and children through tailored hypnotherapy and coaching, guiding you towards a positive and supportive school experience.


Self-Esteem: A child’s belief in themselves is like the clarity of a diamond; it’s essential for their brilliance to shine through. When self-esteem issues cloud their self-perception, school can feel like a place where they’re constantly under scrutiny and judged.

Bullying: No child should feel unsafe or unwelcome at school. Bullying can create deep emotional scars, leading to a reluctance or refusal to attend school, as the environment feels hostile and threatening.

Anxiety: For some children, the school environment, the pressure to perform, and social interactions can be overwhelming, leading to anxiety that makes school attendance a significant challenge.

Teachers: Sometimes, the relationship with teachers or the teaching style may not align with your child’s learning needs, making school a source of stress rather than a place of learning and growth.

Resilience: The ability to bounce back from setbacks is crucial. Without resilience, children might find it hard to face school challenges head-on, leading to avoidance.

Safety: Every child needs to feel safe to thrive. Concerns about physical safety or emotional well-being at school can lead to school refusal.

Separation Anxiety: For younger children, the fear of being away from their parents can be overwhelming, making the school seem like a daunting place.

Phobias and Fears: Specific phobias, whether it’s a fear of failure, of being alone, or something within the school environment, can make attending school feel impossible.

Empowering Your Family’s Journey Back to School

Whether your child is dealing with anxiety, fear, or other emotional barriers, Sofia Perez offers compassionate, expert assistance to ease the school transition.

Our goal is simple: to ensure your child returns to their educational environment not just physically, but also emotionally prepared and eager to learn.

Join us in creating a pathway back to school that is filled with understanding, care, and strategic support.

How Sofia Can Help Your Child

Using RTT, I help children overcome school refusal challenges by addressing the root causes of their refusal.

Through gentle, empathetic therapy sessions, I work to transform negative beliefs and fears into positive affirmations and confidence.

Imagine the negative thoughts as cartoon cockroaches – pesky, persistent, but ultimately powerless when you shine a light on them.

I help your child squash these “cockroaches” and replace them with empowering beliefs.

– Sofia Pereira

The RTT Approach



Sofia Empowers children to understand and manage their emotions, boosting their self-esteem and resilience.


Safety and Trust

Creating a safe, nurturing environment where children can express their fears and anxities without judgement.


Overcoming Fears

Using creative and engaging methods, like the cartoon cockroach analogy, Sofia helps children confront and overcome their fears.


Building Resilience

Teaching children strategies to bounce back from setbacks, ensuring they can face challenges with confidence.


Customized Support

Every child is unique, and so are their challenges. Sofia’s approach is tailored to meet the specific needs of your child, helping them to find their shine again.

Support for RTT®

RTT® is a rigorous, award-winning approach to therapy.

Many top level companies have used RTT® to improve workplace performance by removing the limiting beliefs of their employees (whether around issues of confidence, public speaking, motivation, decision making, self-esteem, money blocks). These companies include:

RTT® has won many awards and is endorsed by many international bodies, including:

Rapid Transformation Therapy®

is accredited with the following professional bodies


Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists   



International Association of Counselors & Therapists


International Hypnosis Federation


International Institute for Complementary Therapists


General Hypnotherapy Register

a s c h

Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists


New Zealand Association of Professional Hypnotherapists Inc.

An Introduction To RTT

Check out this great video which explains the power of RTT as a Therapy Tool

What can I expect from the first session with Sofia?

The first session is all about understanding your child’s specific needs and the family dynamics.

Sofia will discuss your child’s history, the nature of their school refusal, and any underlying issues that may be contributing to the problem.

This session is also an opportunity for you and your child to ask questions and get comfortable with Sofia’s approach.

How does Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) help with school refusal?

RTT is a pioneering therapy technique that combines elements of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy to directly address the subconscious barriers that lead to school refusal.

By understanding and reprogramming these subconscious beliefs, children can quickly gain confidence and overcome their fears related to school.

Take the First Step

If you’re ready to help your child rediscover their joy in learning and attending school, book a call with Sofia Pereira today. Together, we can ensure your child not only returns to school but thrives, shining brightly for the world to see.

Of Students Are Affected At Some Point

Over 25% of Students Have Anxiety

Split between Genders

IS the Most Common Age For Refusal to Begin

Book a Call with Sofia Today

Let’s help your child shine like the diamond they are.


Because every child deserves to keep shining, no matter what challenges they face.

Your Family’s Path to Healing Begins Here

Ready to take the first step towards a positive school experience for your child? Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Sofia Pereira.

Together, we can ensure your child not only returns to school but thrives there.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the signs that my child might be experiencing school refusal?

Look for symptoms that typically worsen on school days and improve during weekends or holidays. Common signs include:

  • Physical Symptoms: Frequent stomachaches, headaches, nausea, or vomiting that occur mainly on school mornings.
  • Emotional Distress: Excessive fear or anxiety about going to school, panic attacks, and extreme worry about school activities.
  • Behavioral Changes: Tantrums, pleading or bargaining to stay home, and persistent avoidance tactics when it’s time to prepare for school.
  • Social Withdrawal: Avoiding social situations or extracurricular activities that involve school peers.

Recognizing these symptoms early can help you seek timely intervention and support for your child.

Can we work with Sofia if we're not located in her area?

 Absolutely! Sofia offers online sessions that can be just as effective as in-person therapy.

Using video conferencing tools, she provides support and conducts sessions with families all over the world, ensuring that distance is not a barrier to receiving help.

How long does it typically take to see changes in my child's behaviour?

While every child is different, many families notice improvements within a few sessions. The duration of therapy depends on the complexity of the issues and how the child responds to treatment.

Sofia aims to provide tools and strategies that the child and parents can use immediately, which often results in noticeable changes early in the therapy process.

Is therapy with Sofia suitable for all children?

Sofia works with a wide range of children, especially those dealing with school refusal and related challenges such as anxiety or stress.

Before beginning therapy, Sofia assesses whether her approach is a good fit for the child’s situation to ensure that each family receives the most effective and appropriate support.

How does therapy help manage the physical and emotional symptoms of school refusal?

Therapy, particularly approaches like  Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), directly addresses both the physical and emotional symptoms by:

  • Identifying Underlying Causes: Therapists work to uncover the root psychological reasons behind the physical symptoms and anxiety, such as fear of failure, bullying, or peer pressure.
  • Skill Building: Therapy helps children develop coping strategies to manage anxiety and stress, reducing physical symptoms like stomachaches and headaches.
  • Emotional Support: Therapists provide a supportive environment where children can express their fears and anxieties, helping to alleviate emotional distress.
  • Family Involvement: Therapy often involves family sessions to ensure that parents understand the child’s needs and can provide support at home, creating a stable environment that facilitates a return to school.

These therapeutic approaches can significantly alleviate the symptoms of school refusal, making it easier for children to re-engage with their educational environment positively and healthily.